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With the recent strengthening of consumer confidence in the economy and mortgage interest levels still comparatively low, increasing demand and low inventory is fueling an upsurge in the housing market. With that being said, existing home prices are soaring. As an alternative, homebuyers are now considering building instead of purchasing an existing home.

Homebuyers should consider their options when it comes to building a new custom home. However, one type of housing that often gets overlooked is System-Built modular homes. True System-Built modular homes, such as those built by Rochester Homes, are constructed to all applicable local, state and national building codes and are built to the same – and often better - construction standards as all site-built homes.

What makes modular homes most attractive is that homes is that they are sold on a fixed-cost-structure basis. Unlike price fluctuations that are seen in the existing housing market, once you enter into a contract with your builder, the cost of your Rochester modular home will not increase or decrease. This is due to the fact Rochester Homes purchases their building materials in volume, enabling them to sell their homes under a more stable cost structure.

Sometimes there are increases in the prices of commodity building products by the manufacturers. This can occur in products such as wood and sheet rock, and these increases are completely outside of the control Rochester Homes. Even so, Rochester Homes does not immediately raise their prices. All current home contracts and pricing structures are honored. Only when it is proven that a price change represents a permanent change in market conditions does Rochester Homes accept the change. Then, fair warning is given to all builders that a pricing change will occur by a specific date.

With rising existing home prices, building a home from Rochester may be your most cost-effective solution to realizing your dream home. See your local builder for more information. To find an Authorized Independent Rochester Homes Builder near you please visit: