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When we shared images of a recently finished home, the questions about the design and layout came pouring in and the response was great! The Kelly family home was built by one of our top authorized independent builders, Pine Ridge Homes. Many people were intrigued by the layout and the high level of interior finish. Pine Ridge Homes and their customer worked together to design every aspect of this home and then ordered the modules from us. Pine Ridge went to the effort to install custom components on-site to make to take this home to the next level.
This custom home is 2,352 square feet on the main level, over a full basement. A garage and porch were built after the modules

were delivered to add to the space and curb appeal of the home. This home boasts a custom fireplace that was also built after the modules were delivered, to match the exact design specifications of the homeowner. Note the enormous walk-in closet, eat-in kitchen island, and vast walk-in shower.

Modular construction techniques are sometimes incorrectly assumed to be “boxy” or “off the shelf”. However, with the combination of an experienced manufacturer and a quality general contractor, almost any level of quality and finish can be achieved. Thanks to the Kelly family and to Pine Ridge Homes for letting us build the modules for your wonderful project. Welcome Home!

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