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Is it time to start that illusive renovation project that you may have been putting off all year? Before you start swinging those hammers and installing those beautiful new countertops, check out these Do's and Don'ts while renovating your new kitchen.


 1.Do Create a Budget

 Be sure to create a budget that won’t break the bank. If you’ve been saving for a while for your kitchen remodel, you may already have an idea of what your budget is, but consider what you can add to that before you contact the contractor. Once you set your budget, make sure not to go over it. Be sure you have considered any other surprise expenses that may come with your remodel project.

Consider using this guideline when it comes you your budget:

 35 percent: cabinets

 20 percent: labor

 20 percent: appliances

 10 percent windows

 5 percent: fixtures

 3 percent: fittings

 7 percent: other


 2. Consider the flow of your kitchen

 Consider the activity level of your kitchen and make sure the new layout can accommodate that level of activity. This could mean that level of wear and tear of the products you are using, to the amount of counter space needed to accommodate a family gathering.


3. Don't price yourself out of the neighborhood

 Do your research on the value of the homes in the surrounding areas. If this might not be your forever home, consider avoiding costly upgrades that will price you out of the neighborhood when it comes time to sell.

Vandalia_2020-4334 4.Do Consider Lighting

 Consider the points where natural lighting enters the room. This will help determine where you should install additional lighting throughout your kitchen. Make sure that you figure out where you plan where the most activity in the kitchen will happen so you can install the most lighting in those areas.








1. Don't Give up counter space.

 Counter space is one of the most important elements of your kitchen, so don't settle for less!

 2.Choose Appliances Last

 If you're giving your kitchen a total makeover, avoid choosing your appliances last. It'll be much easier to choose cabinets and countertops to fit appliances.

 3.Neglect Your BacksplashStoddards-3382

 This can be a focal point of your kitchen. Don't miss this opportunity to use this space to add some color and shape to your kitchen.

4. Don't Skimp on storage.

 Storage can be one of the most important aspects when renovating your kitchen. Consider the cabinet space as well as the pantry space that you want for your new kitchen as you design it.


 No matter what the project may be these guidelines could be a great help in assisting in other home renovation projects.