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rochester-modelWhen seeking the perfect layout for your family’s needs, it’s important to remember that not all modular home manufacturers offer the same floor plans. Some may offer an open living area while others have a more closed off space. The list of differences goes on and on.

Check out some of our floor plans by downloading a free brochure!

Here are our top aspects to keep in mind when you take a model tour before deciding on your modular home:


It’s important that you experience the flow of a home’s layout before deciding on a design. Structures can feel drastically different than they look on a blueprint, so physically walking through the space can make the difference between thinking you’ll love it and actually loving it.


Most modular home manufacturers offer many options with their packages, and Rochester Homes is no different. By walking through one of our models, you can more easily decide which options appeal to you. From paint colors and baseboards, to what type of windows or siding you want, taking a tour through a model will give you a better understanding of which options best fit your family’s needs.


Not only are built-in options like windows and siding doors more easily decided, but it may be easier for you to decorate your new home once you’ve seen a model that’s been professionally furnished, colored, and coordinated to look its best.


When walking through a model home, have questions ready to ask your home representative like:

  • What’s the square footage?
  • What type of insulation/roofing/exterior/etc is available?
  • Are there other models I can see?

Likely you’ll come up with questions you didn’t think of beforehand, so be open and unhurried in your conversation with the rep.