Things to consider when choosing a floor plan

Date: January, 2020
What is your lifestyle? All families are unique. Gauge your needs according to the amount of people who will be residing in the home and for how long. What is your need for privacy? Do you entertain?...

Rochester Homes Wins Prestigious Awards from NAHB/BSC

Date: January, 2020
Please excuse this for being belated. At Rochester Homes’ it isn’t in our nature to toot our own horn, but we thought we would share this with you. Recently Rochester Homes was awarded two...

Best Ways to Customize Your Modular Home

Date: December, 2019
Trying to find your dream home can be a tiring process, so if you’re considering building your own home, constructing a modular home could be the right option for you. Modular homes are built...

Winter Building Pitfalls can be Avoided by Building Modular

Date: December, 2019
With winter upon us, it is good to know that there are alternatives to building outside. Residential construction has many challenges and potential problems, but can be exacerbated further by the...

How Long Does it Take to Build a Modular Home?

Date: November, 2019
Constructed in an off-site, climate-controlled setting, modular homes are an efficient option for home buyers, as they are often built and completed much faster than site-built homes. If you’re...

3 Advantages of a Climate-Controlled Environment in Modular Home Building

Date: November, 2019
Compared to the traditional on-site construction method of most homes, modular home construction methods bring distinct advantages to future homeowners. Importantly, modular home components are built...

Five options you wouldn’t expect in a home from Rochester Homes.

Date: October, 2019
Quality homes are built with quality materials. Below are just a few examples of what can go into your new dream home by Rochester Homes.

How to Read a Floor Plan

Date: September, 2019
The floor plan, or plan, is the most common of all architectural drawings. From builders to architects, Realtors to appraisers, everyone uses a floor plan. More than likely this is because the floor...

Modular Homes Provide both Convenience and Customization

Date: August, 2019
The argument is often made that home buyers who prefer an existing home are those who rank convenience as one of their top priorities. They prefer to be able to move into their home immediately,...

How Rochester Homes Builds a Smoother Ceiling

Date: July, 2019
Rochester Homes uses advanced tools and techniques in building their homes that are often out of traditional onsite homebuilders’ reach. One example is the ALPHASEAL 5200 glue system. This adhesion...