Five options you wouldn’t expect in a home from Rochester Homes.

Date: October, 2019
Quality homes are built with quality materials. Below are just a few examples of what can go into your new dream home by Rochester Homes.

How to Read a Floor Plan

Date: September, 2019
The floor plan, or plan, is the most common of all architectural drawings. From builders to architects, Realtors to appraisers, everyone uses a floor plan. More than likely this is because the floor...

Modular Homes Provide both Convenience and Customization

Date: August, 2019
The argument is often made that home buyers who prefer an existing home are those who rank convenience as one of their top priorities. They prefer to be able to move into their home immediately,...

How Rochester Homes Builds a Smoother Ceiling

Date: July, 2019
Rochester Homes uses advanced tools and techniques in building their homes that are often out of traditional onsite homebuilders’ reach. One example is the ALPHASEAL 5200 glue system. This adhesion...

Material Costs and Time Equals Savings

Date: July, 2019
People often have the impression that modular homes are less expensive than site-built homes. While that assumption is correct, the reason is not what you might expect.

Consider Taking a Production and Model Home Tour

Date: July, 2019
Building a new custom home shouldn’t be shrouded in mystery. Taking a tour of the Rochester Homes’ production facilities, seeing how a Rochester home is constructed and understanding the materials...

Warranties Made Easy

Date: June, 2019
It’s an exciting time for you and your family as you’re about to move into your new custom-built Rochester home. To give you peace of mind, we’ve made getting your warranty information easier and...

What happens after the setting of your home?

Date: May, 2019
Now that the excitement of your home setting is over, it may appear that your home is near completion. In reality, there is still plenty of work before you get that certificate of occupancy and are...

What to expect when setting a modular home

Date: May, 2019
No two modular home sets are exactly the same. Each is different and can vary according to the type of home, the topography, as well as the weather. Your home will come in two or more sections or...

Rochester Homes Again Partners with Habitat for Humanity

Date: April, 2019