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Over the years, we’ve noticed that when touring a house, homebuyers often give the same feedback: our modular homes “feel'' different. For the past 50 years as a modular home manufacturer, we’ve worked hard to prioritize the quality of our homes and our relationships, so knowing that our homes stand out is important to us. However, it made us look closely at what we do differently and why it matters to homebuyers.

After listening closely to our customers and discussing with our team, we’ve learned that our modular homes differ from the competition in five important ways. 

1. We Take a Different Approach to Building Modular Homes

Believe it or not, a house’s drywall has a direct impact on quality and aesthetics. When drywall is done properly (especially on the ceiling), the finishes and interior structure will be seamless. Additionally, since drywall conceals the structural features, drywall is key to creating a home that feels sound and sturdy. Most modular home manufacturers will use a ½” drywall on the ceiling, which is often sufficient! However, our team takes the drywall program a step further. 

We use ⅝” drywall on the ceiling, which is slightly thicker and takes more labor to install. However, the result is worth it—our process enforces more insulation, enhances fire and moisture resistance, and creates a beautiful interior. 

2. We Think Before We Frame

A common approach to building modular homes is to frame the roofs before the drywall. In some ways, this method makes sense, as it can appear to save time and labor. However, once the roof is framed, the builder has to cut out door headers, closet entrances, and other features. This process often leaves room for error, which inevitably compromises the integrity and appearance of the drywall. 

Additionally, most frames are made from wood, which requires a great deal of trimming to achieve a perfect roof. Creating the frame first often leads to an imperfect ceiling structure that may be slightly shorter than the original plans.

In our climate-controlled facility, we lay out the drywall first, then build the frame and attach the drywall sheets, moving the whole structure onto the top walls of the house. This ensures accuracy and prevents excessive drywall waste. 

3. We’re Always Looking to Create Space

With over fifty years as a modular home builder, we know that homebuyers are always looking for a spacious, welcoming home. In our experience, we’ve learned that it isn’t always about expanding the square footage. We know that simple design features can have tremendous effects. That’s why we can upgrade any of our models to a 9-foot side wall height, which results in: 

  • An airy, spacious feel to your living spaces
  • Potential for taller windows, which bring in more natural light and make the home feel warmer and more open
  • More room for premium design features in cabinets, base, and door trim
  • Expanded options for lighting features

4. We Focus on What Other Modular Home Builders Forget

Many modular home builders choose to build their own cabinets. While this gives a sense of customization for homebuyers, it often leaves manufacturers focusing time, energy, and resources on interior elements. As a result, they can actually end up limiting their customers’ options if they run out of materials or labor. 

Our goal is to focus our building and design efforts on what matters most: the home's structure. We outsource our cabinet construction to a trusted partner that can offer an expansive and diverse selection of high-quality styles. We outsource so that our builders can prioritize building a sound and beautiful modular home. 

5. We Empower Homebuyers to Be Creative

One of the most rewarding aspects of building a modular home is allowing the homebuyer to be involved in the process. Our customers come to us because they want the freedom and flexibility they wouldn’t find with a traditional site-built home. 

That’s why we always look for ways to help homebuyers make their home feel unique. Whether it’s by coordinating bathroom and kitchen accents, switching out base finishes, or rearranging, our goal is to give you the options and building blocks to customize the home of your dreams. 

Trust Your Instinct

If you’re thinking about buying and building a modular home, our advice is to take a tour of the model. Trust your instinct about what you see and how the home feels. While many prospective buyers may not have the industry terminology to describe what they see, we know that quality and craftsmanship always stand out. 

Curious About What Your Dream Home Would Look Like? 

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