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real-logoHow can we say that we build real homes, and suggest that some of our modular home competitors do not? What is a real home? At Rochester Homes, we believe a real home is defined by two main things:

1. A real home is built to the version of the International Residential Code, IRC, that has been adopted in your area. Whether it is built on site, or built using modular construction methods, the end result depends on which code the home is built to. If you are looking at a home built to H.U.D. code, then it is subject only to a loose national code which is not nearly as stringent or as quality driven as the IRC code. Beyond that, the H.U.D. code does not take local intricacies into account. Your area may need higher quality building practices due to weather or soil conditions. A real home is built to the code that takes this into account. Finally, a real home, built to IRC, will be valued, appraised, financed, and sold in the same way as a comparable site built real home. Rochester Homes only builds IRC new modular homes.

2. A real home is built with components that have strong name brands, strong warranties, comply with industry associations for best practice, and that can be found out in the real world. Many homes that are built in a factory get components that are meant for H.U.D. homes, even though they may be IRC compliant. A new site built home or a new modular home can vary in price greatly depending on the quality of materials in the home. Rochester Homes believes in seeking materials with long term quality and great warranties first, and a valuable price second. Real homes use strong materials which will withstand everyday wear and tear. Your new modular home from Rochester Homes will have real materials. Want to learn more about the differences between Rochester Homes and other systems built housing? Call us today at (800) 860-4554 to find out why we build Real Homes with Real Value. We can help you Realize Your Home.