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dbpWhen it comes to custom-built homes, modular construction is much more energy efficient–greener–than standard stick-built construction styles. This is because the number of raw materials wasted in shipping in volumes is lower. The end result is typically the same–a beautiful custom home for your family–but modular homes are more environmentally friendly. They are constructed off-site, eliminating wasted labor and weather-related delays, and final assembly on-site into a finished home is faster and more efficient. Furthermore, our modern building keeps homes greener and more energy efficient after they’re completed and you’ve moved in.


Modular homes built here in Indiana have an air-tight layer. This is a critical component and is probably the hardest to achieve. Usually, air leakage results in energy loss and can compromise the durability of any structure by trapping water vapor. The ability to mitigate air leakage is an effective measure of reducing the loss of energy.

Traditional construction methods that depend on multiple semi-airtight layers in an attempt to save energy are often compromised. The science behind this is that lack of a continuous unbroken barrier leads to leakage. While various insulation materials can improve energy efficiency, just a few are airtight. Our modular homes save great amounts of heating and cooling expenses. In turn, the usage of resources is reduced. Efficiency results in a more sustainable home, reducing the carbon footprint.


Energy Star homes are largely more energy efficient than those built to the minimum code requirements. Not only do modular homes result in a process that is better for the environment, but also produce a better living experience across a range of construction plans. They include high insulation requirements and low E-windows to keep the elements away while maintaining a comfortable temperature indoors.

Our factory construction enables us to use efficient materials and reduce the demand for vital natural resources. That means reduced job site and landfill space waste, since an effective construction waste management plan is created.


Modular construction is ideal for the cost, and the quality conscious homeowner. We offer state-of-the-art technology, better materials, and are environmentally friendly. Compared to on-site construction, modular construction is efficient and is much less wasteful and less disruptive on site.