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energy-starWhen it comes to building homes in an environmentally friendly way, Rochester Homes, Inc. is contributing. Simply by building modern prefab homes, our company has been building green, so to speak, for quite some time. We have perfected many of the most important building techniques that are required to reduce the carbon footprint that goes with constructing homes.

Our homes are built in a factory, as opposed to being built on-site. We do final assembly and inspections on-site, but most of the actual work is done in a central location. This is actually better for the environment in a number of ways. When homes are built in a factory, the land that the home is located on is not disturbed as much as it is when a home is constructed on site. In addition, there is less waste produced at the site itself and less fuel is required to get to and from the location with supplies.

In addition, most of the products that are used by Rochester Homes, Inc. are ultimately recycled so they never find their way to a landfill. This includes products such as wood, cardboard, tile and carpet. Furthermore, vinyl that is typically used for vinyl siding and even extra copper wire are all recycled in order to prevent these items from negatively impacting the planet. To take it a step further, solvents and paints that are used have either low or zero volatile organic compounds, making them safer and more environmentally-friendly.

Of course, our modern prefab homes are also energy efficient, further reducing the carbon footprint. Products are used specifically to increase the efficiency of each home that is built and as a result, it costs far less to heat and cool these homes than to effectively heat and cool other homes. This saves our customers money on their energy bill each month, and again, it reduces the impact on the planet.

We take a lot of pride in our green home building techniques. Give us a call today for more info!