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rh-goose-pond-1012This time of year is known for the triumphs and pitfalls of shopping for the best deals and products, but home buyers face this challenge all year long. The stress that comes along with deciding when to build your new home, what building method to use, and which builder to work with can be crippling because a home is such a long term investment. But unlike choosing between the Elsa or Anna dolls this year, remember that when building a home you can have the best of both worlds. In fact, the best builders will use a combination of building practices to best suit your new home project.

The benefits of building a modular home can be found all over our website; prefab modern homes are typically built in less time, there is a cost savings because modular homes use a production line business model to create efficiencies that site builders cannot find, and of course your new home is not exposed to the elements. However, there are also benefits to building on site, mainly the unlimited flexibility to build whatever you would like.

Our builders have been trained to know the efficiencies and benefits of both building systems and can use their experience and knowledge to create the perfect home for you at the best value price. Garages make the most sense to be built on site, depending on where they are located so many builders will urge you to that component once your modular home has already arrived on site. However, the main portion of your new modular home can be built faster and at a better price if it is all done in the factory. This principle goes further as your home gets more complex and your builder will choose to build some components, possibly large dormers, hip roofs, and many other features once the main modules have arrived on site.

As you research your new home floor plan, the builder you are going to use, and which features to add to your new home, don’t be afraid to ask your builder how they plan on executing your design. Many of our modular home renderings, which you can see here, feature a combination of modular construction and on site construction to achieve a beautiful, practical, cost effective new home. So don’t feel like you have to make a difficult choice between building practices, focus on finding a builder you trust and a manufacturer who has the experience and hands on care to suggest best practices for your new modular home project.