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Modular homes have been around for quite some time but there are still many misconceptions surrounding the process and how pre fabricated homes compare to traditional homes. In this edition of On the House, the Rochester Homes podcast, we break down the most common misconceptions surrounding modular homes.

Explaining Modular Construction

It’s one thing to read about modular construction on a factual level, but discussing it in layman’s terms can help clarify some of the more confusing or misconstrued aspects. Many people don’t understand the benefits of building your home off-site.

When the home is built in a controlled environment, the construction process is protected from the elements, ensuring that your home’s integrity isn’t affected by weather damage.

Modular homes differ from manufactured or HUD homes, as they are built in a facility and taken via carrier to their site, with the carrier also returning to the facility.

Most Common Misconceptions

Of one the biggest misconceptions is the idea that modular homes are single-wide or double-wide homes with no foundations. People hear the words “modular homes” and they think it means a trailer or HUD home. The truth is that the modular homes are placed on a permanent foundation and are built to state and local building codes.

Another misconception is pricing. It’s easy to think that modular homes should all be the same price, as viewing their floor plans makes it seem like a product on a shelf. However, modular homes are just like site-built homes, in that there’s a variety of factors that make up the total cost such as location or adding custom elements

Modular homes differ from site-built homes, as they almost never have overages (at least, Rochester Homes don’t) because of the controlled environment. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that your cost will not rise at random.

HUD Code vs. Modular Homes

For anyone who doesn’t know, a HUD code home is the technical term for what many refer to as mobile homes or manufactured homes. They are not trailers or RVs, but they are also not stick-built or site-built homes. They are built under HUD code standards and transported to a certain location.

Like the team already mentioned, modular homes are most often confused with HUD code or manufactured homes. It’s easy to understand why, from the layman’s perspective, as both are built off-site and transported to the property. However, with modular homes, you’re getting the same level of home as you would with one built on-site. Modular homes are full-scale housing options, and while HUD code homes have reached great levels of quality, they’re still not the same as modular built homes.

We’re Here to Help You Build Your Dream Home

Here at Rochester Homes, we believe building your dream home should be exciting. If you want to learn even more about our beautiful floor plans and how you can customize your perfect plan, download a brochure or contact us to schedule a tour of a model home!