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Building a new custom home shouldn’t be shrouded in mystery. Taking a tour of the Rochester Homes’ production facilities, seeing how a Rochester home is constructed and understanding the materials that make up our homes is a eye-opening experience.

“Not to exaggerate, but going through the plant was an awesome experience,” said recent customer Daren Stevens. “There was no sales pitch; the gentleman just led us through the plant in the order of how the homes were being built and pointed out what job is performed at each of the particular work stations. He also described materials that were being used. It was really informative, and I was impressed by the quality. The tour sealed it for my wife and I, and we ended up purchasing and building a home with a local builder and am living in that home now.”

The Steven’s story is not uncommon, according to Rochester Homes’ authorized builder Rob Carlson. “A factory tour can be the deciding event in the decision-making process of those seeking to build,” he said. “They see first hand the quality, and I think that a tour makes it real for them and completes the picture. Everyone comes with lots of questions and all questions are answered. The majority of my customers go through a tour. We get lots of positive feedback from it.”

Curious about taking a tour? Every Saturday at 10 a.m. (except holiday weekends),  Rochester Homes, located in Rochester Indiana, offers  a free tour of its production facilities and model homes. Tours also are available during the week by appointment. . To register, go to or you can just show up. We look forward to seeing you!