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What is your definition of custom? Custom can be interpreted in different ways. It can be what you select in your home, as well as changes you make to the structure of your home. Whatever your budget or taste, Rochester delivers on the customization front. That’s what makes Rochester Homes different from your average builder. We like to think that we empower your creativity. We do that simply by giving you the choices you both expect and deserve.


Just in the past year, Rochester Homes has newly revised and republished its Product Guide. In fact, Rochester Homes regularly updates its Product Guide with new and better, name-brand products. The purpose of this practice is to enhance your – the customer’s – ability to customize the home. In the Product Guide you have access to thousands of products, finishes and color choices. Product choices include everything from quartz countertops to deluxe appliances to architectural shingles and much more. You can also access all of the offerings on the Rochester Homes website at


Rochester Homes has over 70 floor plans in its standard collection, including ranches, Cape Cods and two-story homes. And, with these standard floor plans, customization is always an option. Generally, you may deviate from standard floor plans by adding square footage to either lengthen or widen a home within limitations. Also, according to your desired floor plan, you may add porches, gables, dormers, garages, bathrooms, or even increase or decrease living areas. Additionally, you are not limited to building homes from our collection. If you wish, you may bring your builder a floor plan that you have in mind, and he or she may take that plan, and with adjustments, develop a whole new custom floor plan especially for you. To assist you in reaching your homebuilding dream, ranch and multilevel home plan guides are available. Ask your authorized independent Rochester Builder for a home plan guide or feel free to explore the floor plans on our website at

In whatever way you define custom, Rochester Homes delivers with quality choices that empower your creativity. Feel free to inquire with us at to find a builder near you.