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While our team at Rochester Homes is proud of our expertise and experience in building modular homes, we can’t help but get excited about home buyers that come to us with a clear vision in mind. When our team shared the images of the Kelly family’s recently finished home with our community, questions about the design, layout, and process came pouring in! Here’s what made the modular home such a huge success.  

Building Your Modular Home With a Vision 

Ultimately, our team and your licensed builder are here to bring everything you need in a home to life. One of our greatest strengths is assessing your needs, the desired build site, and coming up with a floor plan that is bespoke to your lifestyle today and in the future.   

That’s exactly what the Kelly family asked one of our independent builders, Pine Ridge Homes, to do. Knowing that Rochester modular homes are highly customizable, the builder worked closely with the Kelly family to design each aspect of the home, from the custom living spaces to the eat-in kitchen, down to the spacious, walk-in showers.  

After drawing up the custom floor plan, Pine Ridge Homes ordered the modules from us. However, where this home differs from most, is that Pine Ridge went through the effort to install on-site components such as a custom garage and a basement to eliminate the possibility of an open crawl space. This brought the total square footage to 2,352 square feet on the main level.  

Customizing Down to the Last Detail  

While our community had a great deal of praise for this home, we noticed that everyone loved the smaller details. The Kelly family requested a custom fireplace for the living room, which was built and installed after the modules were in place.   

Additionally, the massive kitchen island was inspired by our most popular floor plans but upgraded with premium features such as specialty cabinets and countertops to match the light and airy feel of the home, as well as a stainless steel range hood. The bathrooms were also expanded to accommodate sit-down showers.  

Creating a Modular Home Just for You 

Modular home construction techniques are often incorrectly assumed to produce “boxy” homes with an off-the-shelf appearance. However, that couldn’t be further from the case, as the beauty of modular homes comes from the flexibility and potential to make it your own.  

While the home’s modules are constructed off-site in a climate-controlled facility, the home buyer is deeply involved in the design process. Your licensed building professional will guide you through our floor plans, which can serve as a starting point for your home. Your home’s layout and features are chosen and approved before the building process begins.  

The home is constructed off-site to ensure a smoother, more efficient building process. When the home is constructed in a protected facility, our builders won’t have to worry about delays or damages caused by weather. Once the modules are complete, they’re transported and assembled at the build site, saving valuable time that is often spent constructing on-site.   

The Rochester team and any of our licensed builders encourage you to make any of our modular floor plans your own. With the combination of an experienced manufacturer and a high-quality general contractor, home buyers can achieve almost any level of quality and finish for their homes. That’s why we love sharing the Kelly family home as a testament to the possibilities that can be brought to life! Thank you to Pine Ridge Homes for letting our team build the modules for this wonderful project.  

Build a Home That Makes You Proud 

Since 1972, Rochester Homes has been helping homeowners bring their dream homes to life. Contact us today to discuss how you can build a bespoke home that matches your vision and unique lifestyle.  

Custom modular home layout designed by the Kelly family and Pine Ridge Homes.


Exterior of custom modular home with two garages.

              Custom interior based off of Vandalia modular home floor plan with a bright kitchen, hardwood floors, and grey finishes.                     Vandalia_2020-4334-1

              Kitchen with stainless steel head and custom backsplash.

              Walk in shower with enormous closet, a custom feature in this modular home floor plan.                                   Vandalia_2020-4464