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Blending Upwards

Nothing provides comfort and warms up a room like carpet. Did you know carpet can actually reduce your energy bill due because of its natural insulation properties? Blending Upwards is a newly added optional 42oz carpet line and is made of soft Anso Nylon. The carpet brings with it the best stain-fighting technology in the industry, as well as the great brand name of Shaw Flooring.

Blending Upwards is distinctively stylish with its harmonious color pallets and visual texture. The new line includes the colors of Tree Swing, Smoked Pearl, Pleasant Valley, Mushroom, Fog, and Coastline. For more information about this new product as well as the other offerings from Rochester Homes please consult your sales representative. 

COL22: Tree Swing, COL17: Smoked Pearl, COL21: Pleasant Valley, COL20: Mushroom, COL 19: Fog, and COL 18: Coastline.