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To Rochester Homes, value is not a subjective term, but an objective one. It is a measure of what you get as a fair return. Value is your relative worth in relationship to the goods and services delivered. Rochester Homes delivers a great amount of value in the homes that it builds. Achieving this value is about delivering a quality product at a competitive price, and here is how Rochester accomplishes this goal:



Since 1972, Rochester Homes has built over 6,500 homes and counting. Rochester buys much of its name-brand building and construction materials in volume. Why is this a distinct advantage for you? Because of this, Rochester is able to secure contract pricing that is lower than the pricing traditional stick builders can obtain. This, in turn, enables Rochester Homes to build at lower costs than most other builders and to pass the savings on to you.


Every home built by Rochester Homes comes with a superior 10-year insured structural and 1-year craftsmanship warranty. Rochester stays in close contact with its builder network. If an issue arises and is determined to be Rochester’s responsibility, a member of our customer service department will come to your home and resolve the problem.


Over its 50-year history, Rochester Homes has redefined and refined the homebuilding process. All homes are built in a climate-controlled, enclosed facility, away from the harmful effects of weather, utilizing state-of-the-art construction techniques. Every single process is checked, double checked and documented for quality control. Nothing is left for chance in the entire process. The result is a quality, well-built home that contains more wood, is more sturdily built, and is better than its site-built counterpart. Learn more about the Rochester Homes buying and homebuilding process.