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tulipsSpring is in full swing and it is finally time to start that new building project. If you start a new site built project now, you may just be able to get in by January of 2016. However, building a modular home and using modern prefab technology can speed things up. A new Rochester Home built with modular technology, can be ready to ship to your site by late summer, and completed on site shortly after that. There is still plenty of time to make your dream home a reality this year. But don’t wait too long, the modular building method is gaining popularity and

our builders are busy placing homes in the production schedule. The good modular home builders will get busy this summer, so be sure to keep moving the project forward with conversations with your builder, local permitting office, and bank if need be. If you have all of the necessary planning done, there is nothing to stop you from having that end of the summer party in your vacation home, or to have Thanksgiving dinner under your new dream home roof.