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 Fireplaces Add Value to a Home 

A fireplace is more than a heat source, they are an investment. According to a survey from National Association of Realtors 46% of prospective home buyers will pay more for a home with at least one fireplace.

Rochester Home’s this past year has come out with two hot new fireplace’s that have been enthusiastically welcomed by builders.  

Farmhouse Fireplace

The Farmhouse fireplace was introduced to replace the Craftsman fireplace option. Similar in look to the Craftsman Fireplace the key difference is that the fireplace is now flanked by windows to let in more light. As well built-in closed doors cabinetry allows you to hide media components and offer less cleaning. A new bigger, simpler mantle matches today's market trends

OP9261 Ranch Wood         OP9262 Ranch Gas

OP9263 Cape Wood           OP9264 Cape Gas

Rave Gas Fireplace

The new modern Rave gas fireplace has a contemporary in-demand design. The flush wall install requires no mantle and with stone, it gives a simpler, modern look,
Dimensions fit walls.

Ranch- OP8141, AOP5951 Cape- OP9151, AOP5961



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