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Rochester Homes uses advanced tools and techniques in building their homes that are often out of traditional onsite homebuilders’ reach. One example is the ALPHASEAL 5200 glue system. This adhesion glue system creates bond structural roof trusses to gypsum or wood substrates in ceiling construction per a two-component, foaming polyurethane adhesive, that eliminates the need for mechanical fasteners, such as nails. 

Wood is naturally imperfect. The benefit of using the ALPHASEAL 5200 glue system is that it adheres and fills the gaps between wood and drywall for a smoother gypsum finish. The result is that there are no nail pops, as well as less flaws and imperfections.

The adhesive system is 100% solids and solvent-free and sets-up within 30 seconds.

This is just one way Rochester Homes builds superior dwellings with state-of-the-art tools and techniques, all in the mission to build a better home.