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People often have the impression that modular homes are less expensive than site-built homes. While that assumption is correct, the reason is not what you might expect.

A Rochester modular home can be less expensive because of savings in material costs and time. Rochester Homes purchases the same high-quality building materials that you would find in site-built homes. Since we purchase materials in bulk at discounted prices, we pass along that savings on to you in the overall cost of your home.IMG_6093

The most significant saving, however, is time. Unless you are paying for a new home with cash, you will need a construction loan. With a construction loan, you also will pay interest on that loan, which doesn’t contribute to your permanent loan. The longer your home takes to build the more interest you pay on that construction loan. Modular construction takes less time than homes that are built totally onsite; therefore, you’ll  save money on interest payments, which could total thousands of dollars.

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