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homepageRochester Homes, the Midwest’s premier provider of high-quality system-built housing, is pleased to announce the launch of the new website, redesigned and rebranded to serve potential home buyers more powerfully than ever. A central emphasis of the site was its visuals and navigation. Links to and distinct menu categories were designed to take the visitor to the place that they most wanted to see in one click of the mouse. Once they arrive at the destination they desire, rich content is then delivered to give them the desired information and experience that answers questions and meets their expectations.

The rebranding and redesign of the website provides for easy access for visitors to explore floor plans, specifications, photography of home interiors and exteriors as well as colors and finishes of products they may choose to use. Those who discover the site will be rewarded with insightful blogs, valuable information, not to mention new home and product photography and dynamic video content. Created over the last several months the website dispenses vital information on content level pages that help inform and foster good home buying decisions. The new website offers increased functionality by letting visitors roam through various categories with the ability to enlarge and email images to others, post to social media and save to their own favorite’s folder.

With the new website and branding incentive Rochester Homes’ is poised to take serving its buyers and in taking advantage of the challenges that lay ahead in the 21st century. One thing that will never change is their commitment to building and delivering the quality product and service that their customers deserve and expect. Rochester Homes remains dedicated to that founding principal.

Rochester Homes’ is a system built builder whose legacy spans back to 1972. The “People First” philosophy continues to this day as Rochester Homes enters its Next Generation of leadership under the guidance of Tyler Anderson and Alex Berlin. For more information about Rochester homes please visit or feel free to contact the company at or 800-860-4554.