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The perfect home has yet to be built. Rochester Homes’ quality control process is constantly evolving and improving. Building a home consists of assembling thousands of parts and pieces using hundreds of processes.

Declaring that you build a quality home product and actually consistently reaching your quality goals can be two different things. Building homes in a systematic fashion in a closed manufacturing environment ensures that construction is done more efficiently; however, that does not necessarily always lead to a quality result. Rochester Homes has made quality control a standard operating procedure that is integrated into the homebuilding process.

Without a clear consistent process in place, it is easy to fall into ruts and to become blind to errors. The multiple check-off system that Rochester has adopted was born through years of trial and error. Each home has what is called a QC Traveler, which documents the building of the home from floors to final finish. The QC Traveler lists every function that transpires on or in the home according to whether it is a ranch, two-story or Cape Cod.
When a task is completed the worker is required to sign his initials on each specific line item on the traveler. When the supervisor checks the work, he then initials the line item if it meets requirements. A person from quality control will then inspect and verify the work and sign his initials. Throughout the day, quality personnel continuously walk the line looking for imperfections and performing spot checks. Each week, Rochester’s vice president of operations and production, its vice president of sales, as well as the manager of engineering and quality, walk the production line and inspect the homes. Finally, the plant manager inspects each home before it leaves the production facility.

Because homes built by Rochester are chiefly constructed inside its factory, the quality is inherently better, than homes that are exposed to the harmful effects of weather. Having a quality control process that is constantly evolving and improving ensures a better-built home.