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“We feel fortunate that we made the decision to build our home with Rochester Homes. We didn’t want to go through the hassle of waiting 6 months or more to get into our new home.” -Mike and Paula Fritschle

Employing a professional photographer from North Carolina, frequently Rochester Homes go out in to the field and updates their photo archives with new updated photo content. This past summer while traveling in Illinois we happened upon the Fritschle’s. The Fritschle’s built their home about a year and a half ago. Mike Fritschle greeted us with open arms and was very excited to show us his home. In speaking to Mike he pointed out that they were under a time crunch and wanted to get into their home quickly and that was one of the several reasons why they choose Rochester Homes. In my experience tends to be a consistent theme when speaking to customers.

interview-photosThe fact is you can save a significant amount of time and money by building a home by Rochester. Time as compared to site building is cut literally in half due to the efficiencies in the Building Systems method. When your home comes to the jobsite it is anywhere from 60-80% complete according to the complexity of your home. All of the plumbing, electrical, drywall, cabinetry etc. is already installed. The builder then completes the home on site by completing some roofing, siding, mating wall areas, decks garages, installation of mechanicals and hook up to utilities. In addition construction mortgage interest is also saved by the fact that building time is cut thus saving money.

To view more of this beautiful home and others, be sure to check out our photos page!

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