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mojoDuring the holiday season, everyone is focused on getting the most for their money while tirelessly shopping for the friends and loved ones. If you are shopping for a new home, no matter what time of year, you want to make sure that you are spending your money wisely. So here are a few things you already know about buying your Christmas presents, that can help you when shopping for your new home:

  1. If the end product is the same, why wouldn’t you buy the Christmas present that costs a little less? Although using modular construction for your new home will not save you 50% on the total project, as some people assume, you can save a little bit of money by taking advantage of greater buying power from modular home builders.
  2. Would you buy a Christmas present for your family that could be slowed down and not delivered on time because it is cold outside? Site building a home in the winter months is simply not effective. People do not get as much done when they are cold, the ground is frozen, and tools are not working right. However, modular construction takes advantage of building off site, in a temperature controlled environment, and then delivers the home with the ability to get it heated very quickly.
  3. If two gifts are similarly priced, but one has been inspected from start to finish for quality, wouldn’t you buy that one? There is more to price than just the dollars you are spending, you also have to consider what you get for your money. Modular homes are built using systems and technology that lead to more quality control. Also, there are teams of people inspecting quality in each station of the factory, as well as a third party engineering firm that inspects each home at each stage of production. Unfortunately site built homes do not have this amount of quality control, and therefore you may not know exactly what you are getting for your hard earned money.
  4. How much will that gift cost and would you ever buy someone something without knowing that? Finally, modular homes have very few cost overruns. Because we choose to design the entire home before it is put on the construction line, including expensive items such as cabinetry and floor coverings, all the decisions on cost are made up front. This is different from the site built method of providing a general quote, beginning construction, and then deciding on costly finish items after a loan has already been approved.

In sum, modular homes are built in an efficient manner, out of the elements that can slow your project down, and with most to all of the costs and details figured out and wrapped up in your financial plan before the first nail is driven. By using Rochester Homes and our local builders to design and build your new dream home, you can get the most home for your money. Please call us today to find out more.