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sinkIn new home building, there are many choices to make. From the finish items like floor coverings and countertop choices to the structural details like roof pitch and window sizes, be prepared to have a lot to think about. At Rochester Homes, we provide every customer with a base starting point of quality construction standards with which we build our new modular homes. Rather than force you to make every decision from scratch, we have a detailed standards list which reflects our idea of a strong yet valuable home. In addition to that, each state and county requires certain local codes; your builder and Rochester Homes team up to add the code items into your project. Before you start any new building project, be sure to review a list of the items that will go into your home. At Rochester Homes, we use popular name brand components like Andersen windows and Kohler faucets which have long lasting warranties. We also adhere to traditional building standards like 16 inch on center wall and floor spacing and ¾ inch tongue and groove floor decking that is both glued and screwed to the floor joists. Be sure that the home you are choosing is not less money because your builder is cutting corners on components or materials.

At Rochester Homes, we believe that starting with a standard construction list and then providing you with many options to choose from before the building process begins leads to a more effective and less stressful building process. Not only are you not forced to make last minute decisions before a contractor arrives, but all of your pricing will be figured out before the project commences. Compared to traditional site building, this is another benefit of using a pre-designed modern modular home. Keep in mind that we do not limit your new dream modular home to our standard building criteria. You will be able to customize your new home and still save time and money by using the modular construction method. Please visit the construction area of our website to see our standards list for each type of modular home we offer. You can also browse our colors and options area to see some of the most popular additions that people make to their new home project.