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applicationIn our busy lives, we all have a tendency of putting things off if we think we can afford to. Your dream home is not something that you want to keep pushing to the backburner. During the housing boom, the entire financing, title work, and closing process took as little as a week. However, when the housing bubble burst, it drastically changed the financing process for your new home. There are increased regulations from the government which cause a paperwork time draw, and cause appraisals to take an average of two weeks. Also, banks are justifiably being more cautious and taking more time to review each new home that they finance. From the time that you decide to put pen to paper and buy your new modular home, it can take up to three months to get through the banking process. Remember that this new financing timetable exists for all new home building, and in fact by building modular you will save time once the financing is finalized.

Once the financing is done and approved, you will have a building timetable that will change depending on the quality and complexity of the home you are building. There are some home builders that will tell you they can get you from ordering your home to moving in within a matter of weeks, but be careful here as there is no shortcut to hard work and quality. Make sure that you are working with a high quality modular home and not a HUD code or mobile home if someone is telling you they can be done with your project in a few weeks. A custom modular home at the quality level of a Rochester Home, with components like Andersen windows, Kohler faucets, and more can take around six weeks from the time it is ordered to the time it gets on your site. Then once it is on site the addition of gables, dormers, porches, garages, and the home finalizing process can take an additional six weeks. Thankfully, by working with a qualified, trusted builder and today’s modern prefab home building process, even a complex and high quality custom home can be built in as little as three months. So if you are hoping to get into your dream home by next spring, it is time to act now. With a financing timetable of around three months and a building timetable of around three months, you could be a half year away from moving into your dream home, even if it is built with time saving modular construction technology. If you have decisions left to make on your home and planning left to do, make sure to keep your conversations with your builder active. It could easily be next summer before you get to turn the key to that brand new systems built home.