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living-room-interiorHere at Rochester Homes, we know products can seem too good to be true, and sometimes, you just have to see them for yourselves. For this reason, we offer an extensive photo gallery so you can see, and then believe, our modern prefab homes.

Click through our gallery for a virtual tour of our various floor plans, including our Cape Cod, Ranch and two-story varieties. Whether you’re drawn to the symmetrical style of Cape Cod homes or the long, low profile of ranch-style houses, you can spend time looking through our photos to determine what design suits your style. For an exclusive look inside, we offer snapshots of assorted interiors that feature everything from hardwood floors and elegant mantles to open concepts and walk-in showers. With styles that include stainless steel range hoods, exquisite countertops and functional built-ins, all our features are top-notch.

For behind-the-scenes access, you can even sneak a peek at our production process. From the raw materials to assembling the walls, see it all from start to finish. If you are curious about on-site delivery, scan our pictures to see the process and what all it entails. Paying careful attention to every detail, you can see our quality workmanship every step of the way.

The online tour of our homes is a fantastic option to see our superior designs and standards if you are unable to do so in person. Our various architectural styles and exquisite interiors are sure to impress even through a computer screen. In addition to design, we hope you enjoy viewing our construction and set procedures as well.

Don’t just imagine what our homes are like, but take a look for yourself, and see how our modern prefab homes aren’t the manufactured houses of past decades.