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At Rochester Homes, Inc. we, and our builders, speak with many customers both before and after their new modular home construction project. And although there are a multitude of things that you and your builder will cover, we are excited to share some recurring themes from our discussions with our customers. Of course, there is so much to do, know, research, and complete during the building process, that we cannot put it all in a blog, but this is a great starting place. We will share some insight on one of the “commandments” below each week, so stay tuned for the full set.


  1. Know thy Builder
  2. Know thy Home
  3. Know thy Timeline, then add some
  4. Know thy Budget, then add some
  5. Prepare to be somewhat flexible

This weeks segment:


A new home project, whether conventional site built or a modern pre-fab build, is a major undertaking. It is a large financial investment on the owners’ part and a feat of expertise of coordination, project management, and building proficiency on the builders’ part. Therefore, it can be a fairly stressful venture. In order to keep from boiling over during the project, plan ahead for some bumps in the road. Each home building site, process, design, etc. is different and even the most expert builder will run into complications during the project. If you plan for a few snags and changes then you are more likely to not get upset when they come around. As with most things, the more time and energy you spend up front planning the project, the less snags you will have along the way. This line of thinking plays right into the modular home construction method as everything with your new home is pre-engineered to your specifications.

Hopefully you have talked to your builder up front about what your vision is for the home, changes, and lines of communication throughout the project and you are both ready when something comes up. You are a team working towards a common goal. At this point in the project, you are working with the builder that you have chosen and trust, therefore you know that these snags are not being done on purpose, that your builder has your best interests at heart, and in a lot of cases these things can be fixed or altered. So, when something comes up simply talk to your builder about why it happened, what can be done to fix it or make a change that aligns with your dream home vision, and how mistakes like these can be avoided in the future. Once that obstacle has been crossed reinforce to yourself that remaining flexible will keep this project fun and headed in a good direction.

Keep in mind that by using the modular home building method, you are already ahead of the game as far as time, cost, wasted materials, material exposure to weather, etc. So even if a few things go slightly off course, you have built a home using the pre-fab building method which gives you instant savings and/or equity in your new home. Also keep in mind that by using Rochester Homes modular building technologies you have gotten to customize your home both in floor plan and options, and that your dream home is near, so enjoy this once in a lifetime process!

As always, it all starts with getting in touch with your builder directly. A meeting with the local representative of Rochester Homes, Inc., who has experience in all the intricacies of building a home, is a great place to start your new construction project. Reach out to us; we look forward to working with you.