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hourglassReal, quality modular homes may not be less expensive, but there are more benefits of building smarter, with a company who only builds high quality modular homes. There are many benefits of building your new home using modular construction methods. The last of these may be price, if you really optimize your home into a modular style and use all of our standard features and components. However, building your dream home using modular construction methods can still give you the following benefits over traditional building methods.

1. Quality of construction.

Because we have dedicated quality managers overlooking every station, quality checklists that must be completed before a home moves out of station, third party inspection agencies, and some pre-designed plans and features, modular homes are built with a higher quality of construction. Unfortunately, many site builders do not have the resources to put checks and balances in place, especially for new crew members and this leads to missed items. You are paying for quality in your new home, and you deserve to get what you pay for.

2. Energy Efficiency.

Our homes are designed to withstand some of the toughest energy standards in the country, which means your home will give you a return on the investment of building modular, through your energy bills. Also, we have access to building technologies like spray foams, seals, etc. that may take too much time to get on site. For instance, all of our electric boxes are spray foamed on the back side, so there can be no air leakage. Most site builders simply cannot replicate this.

3. Efficiency in planning.

A site builder often gives you allowances when planning your new home, which you may or may not overrun after you have already begun construction. Modular homes are pre-designed and preselected before you finalize and begin the construction process. This leads to efficiencies, by planning ahead, by not having change orders, and by minimizing your stress level during the actual build.

4. Buying power.

Because we have larger buying volumes in lumber and components, in addition to having production line power, we can often get much better prices on materials than you local site builder. This savings goes directly to your pocket, or into more space or amenities in your new home. This does not mean that you have to use all of our components. We can get some custom features within our current supply chains, or a specialty item can be added on site, and the worst case scenario is you would pay the same as site built costs for that item, but save on the rest of your new home.

5. Time.

Pre-designing, pre-purchasing some materials, production technologies, and utilizing modern building methods all lead to a shorter build time for your project. Add that to very few or no weather delays and the majority of the projects we build can be done with a 1530% time savings compared to traditional building. That could be you enjoying your new family room as soon as five months sooner in some cases.

6. Price.

Yes, modular construction can save time and money over site building. However, don’t let this be the main factor in your choice to build a home using today’s modern home building methods. Just like you can find different levels of quality and features in a site built home, you can design your new modular home to a variety of different price points. If you have expensive taste and choose to use a lot of custom components and specific designs in your new home, you may only save a little when compared to site building. If you are looking to maximize your square footage, you may want to use our many pre-designed plans and features to take full advantage of the modular cost savings. Whichever you choose, you will still have a higher quality, better regulated, more efficient house to make your home.

Ready to learn more and open your eyes to today’s new home building methods? Call us or join us for a tour at our factory or our many model centers around the midwest. We look forward to building you a real house, with real value, and helping you realize your home.