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The biggest myth about modular homes that "modular home" is not a true housing category. This assertion fundamentally cuts to the core of what defines a modular home because a modular home is a method of building a home, not a type of home.

The term "modular home" has been around for over 60 years and its meaning has evolved to describe a classification of housing. The reality is that it is an alternative systematic method of producing code-complying housing.

Modular building or system building takes the best attributes of on-site construction and distills those functions into accountable processes and procedures in which optimum techniques are utilized and are perfected through practice and routine.

The largest differences are that a home's on-site construction happens almost entirely outdoors and relies on techniques and methods used more than 200 years ago. In contrast, the majority of modular method construction happens indoors in a climate-controlled facility where system-centered, component-based manufacturing and building techniques complete up to 80% of the home. Both on-site and modular methods can produce quality, well-built homes and both can produce homes that meet all applicable residential building codes.

The best way to truly understand the distinction between the two building types is to schedule a tour of Rochester Homes’ production facility and model homes.