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dumpsterBuilding a new home on location can be surprisingly wasteful. Every piece of waste is an extra cost—not just out of wallet or raw materials, but also an extra cost for the environment. Minimizing waste is in everyone’s best interest.

During the building process, the manufacturing occurs on location. This means the raw materials have to get shipped from a warehouse to the location where the structure is being built.

That means additional gas use, which pollutes the air and drives up costs. Man hours are being spent just to go to the store and back. The larger the project, the faster these costs add up.

The alternative is prefab modern homes. With modular homes, many of the same core parts are manufactured over and over. Every part of the process has been optimized so no mistakes are made. The warehouse of materials is centralized, so no man hours are spent just getting the materials moved.

By cutting back on waste, a prefabricated home is helping to save you costs and save the environment from unfortunate mistakes. If the efficiency of a production line is something you have to see to believe, you can always visit our manufacturing facility.

Transparency is very important in any major project. Getting to know the folks who are building your future home is a part of getting what you deserve: a beautiful place to feel safe and live.

Don’t trust generic contractors or low-bid builders to get that job done for you. Go with the tested and proven manufacturers of countless homes.

Contact Rochester Homes to learn more about modular homes.