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Many people define modular homes as a different kind of home; however, they actually are just homes built by a different method than the conventional site built home.  Modular homes are an alternative, systematic way to build a quality home.

What’s in it?

All home builders build to a basic set of specifications; these specifications can include the type of wood, glue, drywall and building materials used with the potential to upgrade in some instances. You will be asked to choose among standard offerings and colors, as well as select upgrade options in all product categories. By choosing basic standard amenities, your home will be less expensive.

Type, style and size

The type, style and size of your home can greatly affect the final cost.

  • Type designates whether it is a ranch, cape cod or two-story. Because there are structural differences between these types of homes, there can also be dramatic cost differences; however, ranch homes typically cost less than the others.
  • Style dictates its outward appearance. Styles can include Colonial, craftsman and contemporary and many more. The materials that are used to complete the style of a home also can vary widely in cost, impacting the bottom line price.

Square footage

The larger a home is, the greater its cost. What may be overlooked in building modular homes is that the actual cost per square foot might actually decrease, thus more value derived. This discussion is best had with your builder, and just remember there are caveats to every case.  


Because your home is primarily built in a state-of-the-art production facility, it will need to be delivered to your property. Your builder will incur transportation costs from the manufacturer, so multiple factors influence the cost, including:

  • how far you actually live from that manufacturer
  • whether you build in an urban setting or on top of a mountain

The land upon which your home is set and finished may also influence the cost. After deciding where you want your home to be placed, as well as its orientation, the lot will be excavated. In some instances, rock may have to be removed  to install a foundation. Your builder can discuss more details and factor the cost into the final estimate of your home.

COMPLETE GUIDE TO BUYING A MODULAR HOME  Everything you need to know to get started.

Your home building journey can begin with a conversation with an independent authorized builder. To get in touch and answer a few short simple questions.