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computerOur blog is a great place to get educated about the buying and home owning process.


That is when you get overwhelmed with conflicting opinions and are left confused from information overload. The Rochester Blog page serves as your remedy by serving up unbiased, fact-based information that seeks to educate and inform so that you may make better buying decisions.

To make it easy we’ve broken down the subject matter of the blogs into four separate categories: Financing, Why Modular, Buyers Guides, and Media.


Includes helpful and important information regarding the purchase of a new home. This section might include information on interest rates, how to save for your new home and other savvy information that prepares and helps you get into your new home.

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This section gets down to specifics about the modular home product and its benefits. In the category you will find blogs about all phases of the engineering, customizing, buying and building your new home.

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Provides straight forward helpful hints, usually in a bullet point form, that equips you to make good decisions before, during, and after the sale.

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The Media Category acts as your own personal news feed to media outlets that we find helpful and informative. Articles are gleaned from diverse publications from Houzz to the Wall Street Journal.

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