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One of the most fun aspects of building your modular home is the design process, which often involves extensive collaboration on how to increase curb appeal and create a home that resonates with your unique design tastes and lifestyle. When asked about one of our favorite ways to create a visually appealing home (that also satisfied practicality and functionality), our team often uses dormer roofs to add character and usable space. Here’s everything you need to know and why you should consider adding them to your modular home.  

The History of Dormer Roofs 

A dormer roof (also referred to as a dormer) is a small room that projects from the roof of a home. The dormer has its own roof with a window that is usually enhanced by architectural features to enhance the overall appearance of the home.  

Dormers were originally designed in 16th century Britain to be more than a design feature. Stemming from the word “dormitory,” they were created to act as an extra bedroom or sleeping space. Today, the space can be used for a number of purposes, with windows allowing fresh air to flow into a home and illuminate the interior of an attic or loft area. 

Dormers are heavily associated with particular architectural styles, such as Cape Cod, Colonial, American Foursquare, Victoria, or Chateauesque. At Rochester Homes, our Cape Cod modular floor plans are known for incorporating dormers, such as in the Avery and Norwegian series.  

Examples of Dormers in Modular Home Layouts 

One of the most common reasons for adding a dormer is to create additional space within the home. During the design process, many homeowners look for ways to turn an attic into a dwelling space, such as a den or office. Some dormers can even be turned into a bedroom with its own en-suite bathroom! Dormer windows can come in various shapes and sizes, with some even being customized to create an alcove.   

It's important to note that dormers aren’t just about turning storage space into a bedroom. A dormer’s defining characteristic is the window to allow for light and ventilation. Without the windows, your attic space wouldn’t be pleasantly habitable!   

Benefits of Adding Dormers to Your Modular Home 

One of the more substantial benefits of dormers is that they increase usable space within your modular home. The interior area behind a typical dormer and window can be used as an alcove for a bathroom, a spot for a dresser, or a reading nook bench.  

Besides practical reasons, dormers are highly sought-after ways to add character and style to your home. Dormers are the signature characteristic of cottage-style and Cape Cod architecture. Many homeowners love dormers for the classic, old-school feeling they give their home’s exterior. Additionally, dormers give visual interest to an exterior and are a way to attractively break up a long roof expanse.  

Adding Dormers to Your Home 

Dormers from Rochester Homes come prebuilt from the production facility and are lifted by crane and installed on-site, during the setting process. Currently, Rochester Homes offers two styles and sizes of dormers for non-habitable 9/12 and 12/12 habitable roof pitches. Dormers come in widths of 5 feet, 9.5 inches, or 11 feet, and come in either a gable or shed style. 

When it’s time to design your modular home, you’ll meet with a licensed building professional to select and customize your floor plan. According to your input, your builder will help you determine the appropriate number of dormers. The goal is to ensure that the structural integrity and visual appeal of your home are in sync.   

Once your designs are finalized, they’re sent off to a third-party engineering department for approval!  

Beautiful, High-Quality Homes Designed for Your Lifestyle 

Ready to bring your dream home to life? Our team is here to help you choose and design a floor plan that matches your vision. Contact us today to learn more about the customization process.  

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