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roosevelt-floor-planWhen looking for a first home, there are plenty of choices on the market. Modern prefab homes are one choice to consider, and for choosier customers who enjoy customizing their living spaces, perhaps the best choice. With the versatility of our prefab homes, you can choose a location that you like, purchase a plot of ground, and move into the home of your dreams in a very short length of time.

This type of home has been in existence for quite some time. They are built at the factory, delivered and placed on a permanent foundation with all the conveniences of a home constructed from the ground up. You not only have a wide variety of room arrangements to choose from, but also a choice of the size of the overall unit. You can choose specific colors, floor coverings, kitchen cabinet finishes and so forth. This allows you the opportunity to plan a decor that will reflect your personality with exciting combinations.

Rochester Homes offers various Ranch, Cape Cod, and two story floor plans to choose from. With this nice, wide variety, it is possible to select a style that will blend in perfectly with the area in which you are planning to live. When delivered to your site, 85% of the building is completed, which eliminates delays often found in regular home construction.

We also take into consideration things such as the climate of the area and modern environmental concerns. We’re not a one-way-for-everybody home builder – each job is custom for each customer. In addition, we offer some solid home warranties to help put your mind to rest.

When looking for a new home, if you want only the best, Rochester Homes is the place to go. Highly skilled personnel will show you the wide variety available and will help you find one to fit your style tastes and budget.