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Now that the excitement of your home setting is over, it may appear that your home is near completion. In reality, there is still plenty of work before you get that certificate of occupancy and are able to move in.

Based on the complexity of your home, your move-in date may be as few as 30 days away, but can take up to 120 days. Next to a site-building, a Rochester Homes modular home is quite comparable.

Your local authorized independent builder will have a full list of to-do items that must be accomplished before you move in. Each list varies according to the type, style and complexity of your home. The larger the home and the more units there are, the longer it will take to complete. 

The list of items includes both interior and interior finishing. Multiple sub-contractors and tradesmen will be finish the various tasks.

Interior finishing may include:

  • Repairing any stress cracks that may have occurred during the transport and setting of the home. This is common and repairs are minor.
  • Drywall finishing that occurs between passageways at marriage wall openings.
  • Touch-up painting, as well as instances, builders may order only a base coat and do the finish coat after the home is set.
  • Completing the flooring, including carpeting, as well as laminate and vinyl flooring between the marriage walls.
  • Hooking up and installing mechanicals such as duct work, plumbing, septic, electrical connections and heating and air conditioning.
  • Finishing the stairs for basements and second story homes.


Exterior finishing may include:

  • Constructing porches, decks and garages.
  • Installing vinyl siding below the sill plate to the grade of the land as well as on gable end walls. If you decide on another exterior treatment, this will installed on-
  • Affixing shingles along ridgelines and where gables and dormers are connected.
  • Mounting soffit and facia at a home’s gable ends.
  • Additional roofing may need to be added in areas between adjoining rooflines where tie-in’s valley are located.
  • Installing driveways and landscaping based on your agreement with your builder.

    home setting

What’s described in this blog has been simplified; therefore,  to get a better understanding of what’s entailed, feel free to click here and answer a few questions to be connected with an authorized independent Rochester Homes’ builder that services your area.