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worker installing windowsThe way a Rochester home is built is different than most other traditional homes. We build homes via what is called Building Systems. Building Systems are simply a systematic approach to building homes. The term Building Systems refers to how the structure is built rather than the form that it actually ultimately takes.

Utilizing Building Systems, all of our modular homes are constructed with this method. Inside a modular home building facility experienced craftsmen and women construct homes in what are termed as units, sections or modules.

Homes are built from the inside out so to speak. Floors are first constructed and then walls, doors, windows, cabinetry, plumbing, electrical is installed and so on until the unit is approximately 80% complete, all the while being thoroughly inspected. All processes are documented and triple checked for quality and consistency. Those units later come together at the jobsite to complete a fully functional and beautiful home. Modular units generally are built 14 foot in width and can command over 60 feet in length.