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The most-frequently asked at Rochester Homes is "What is the price of a modular home". While it’s certainly reasonable to ask, it can be difficult to answer; Rochester Homes only supplies part of the pricing equation. While we build the majority of your home, your authorized, independent builder fully completes the home, and your home contract is with your builder.  Your builder is your main point of contact and will be the general contractor for the entire project — from helping you decide on a floor plan to ordering your home, assembling the modules on-site and finishing your home, in addition to installing mechanical and building garages and porches.

Rochester Homes invites you to ask your builder about the final cost of the home, as well as any additional questions you might have pertaining to how your home will be constructed, its materials and construction timeline.

To see an infographic that takes you through the steps of building a home, click the button below:


 The fastest way to get a price is to connect with a builder. Start, by completing the form on our contact page:Contact Us

 A builder will be in touch shortly after we receive your submission. Want to speak to a person now? Simply call (800) 860-4554.