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rochester-homes-mediumWE ARE:

  • A real home builder
  • Able to change your floor plan
  • Able to offer you a multitude of options and colors to choose from
  • Easily financed by banks, just as a site built home would be
  • Appraised and sold at the same value as similar site built homes
  • Approved to build to your local codes or higher
  • Inspected by third party agencies as well as our quality control teams at every stage of building
  • Ready for you to call us at (800) 860-4554 so we can change the way you think about home building


  • A mobile home builder
  • Worried about storms hurting our homes, in fact well built modular homes typically do better in major disasters than site built homes in the same area
  • Only able to build our floor plans
  • Only inspected at intermittent points like a site built home
  • Subject to weather delays or damage
  • Only able to build your new home during the spring, summer, and fall
  • Interested in allowing you to waste some of your hard earned time and money because you didn’t know enough about Rochester Homes or modular homes in general, so email us at or Contact Us here.