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Although the economy is certainly rebuilding itself, finding an affordable home is still difficult in many areas of the country, even the Midwest. If you are interested in building a new home but simply cannot afford the price of the land plus construction costs, opting for a modular home is a smart plan.

What is a modular home? Unlike traditional construction plans where you have to start from the ground up, a modular home is an affordable way to build a solid, safe home for yourself. They are built in a climate-controlled factory and then transferred to the location of your choice. If this sounds boring, it definitely is not. Modular homes come in a variety of floor plans that resemble traditional home styles with multiple rooms inside and beautiful facades on the outside.

So how can purchasing a modular home save you money? There are many ways in which they are much more affordable than building a home the traditional way. Take, for example, weather delays. Modular home construction never encounters weather delays as they are built indoors and can be finished in a matter of weeks, not months like standard home building.

During the building process and afterward, your modular home will undergo several site inspections to make sure that you are receiving the highest quality product. You won’t be faced with increased or unnecessary repair bills for something not properly built or installed when you have the increased inspections that come with your modular home.

If going green is important to you, then owning a mod home should be at the top of your list. Modular homes are built to be energy efficient and can easily be outfitted with solar energy panels, smart appliances, and are often made from recycled materials right in the factory.

These are just a few reasons to own a modular home. There are many more reasons that homeowners around the country are enjoying this style of ownership, especially since in some areas it may cost just as much in monthly payments to rent a place, and renting doesn’t build equity. Take the time to research all of our available floorplans to see if there is one that fits the style of dream home that you would love to build.