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plowWe have had an unusually warm fall in the Midwest this year. However, if there is one thing we know about the Midwest-is that winter will come. If it is anything like the last few years, get ready for your energy bills to skyrocket. If you have lived in a site built home or a mobile home, you are used to dealing with drafts, less than ideal amounts of insulation, and most likely a pricey heat bill. However, if you live in a new, quality built Rochester modular home, you will continue to take advantage of building technology that creates an extremely tight home envelope. From our thicker 2×6 exterior walls which allow for more insulation, to our spray foam on the back of receptacles and other drywall protrusions, we build a home that will prevent air exchanges and leakages. This means less spending on your part, less waste from an environmental standpoint, and of course a more comfortable home. So rather than getting ready to bear down and deal with high energy bills and a drafty old home this winter, come see us and let us show you why building a new modular home makes sense, and why building with Rochester Homes is a valuable investment of your hard earned money.