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trailerIf you had shopped for a modular home twenty years ago, you would have found that getting anything changed to your liking was hard to do. At that time, most modular home manufacturers were focused on using the building technology only to build the most affordable home possible, with little or no changes from the way each home was designed in the brochure. While modular still has an advantage in cost on a home, this building technology can do so much more.

That is why, today, we are able to offer a fully custom floor plan to any of our customers. Yes, we still transport the modules to your new home site on metal frames, but think about how your lumber arrives during a conventional build. The only difference is that our material doesn’t then sit in the elements while it waits to be assembled on site. With some of today’s modular home builders, you can bring in your own floor plan or change one of ours, and after we systemize and plan the prints, you will be ready to start your dream home project.

As with any home project, site built or systems built, choosing your builder has so much to do with what can be done in your new home and what type of home you will build. At Rochester Homes, we allow you to build custom floor plans, while still directing you towards modular best practices that will help you save time and money over a conventional site built home. We also offer a vast array of options for all parts of your home; from interior door and trim choices, bookshelves, and fireplaces to siding choices, exterior elevation additions, and roof pitch and dormer selections. We truly give you the opportunity to design your one of a kind dream home, while saving you money and a significant amount of time and stress during the building project. Please come to a factory tour or visit your local builder to see how we can use systems building to make your dream home a reality, while saving you time and money. Contact us to find out more.