Andersen 400 Series Windows

Date: June, 2020
Having the right windows can make a substantial difference in a home. Not only do windows brighten up your day by letting in light, but they can also add value and energy efficiency to a home....

What is a Gable Roof?

Date: May, 2020
Oftentimes those in the building trade throw around building terms such as gable with little explanation. Gable roofs date back to ancient Greece where they were used in temples. This roof type has...

The Benefits of Dormers

Date: May, 2020
Design flair, as well as considerable space, can be added to the second floor of a Cape Cod-style home with the addition of dormers. Dormers were originally designed in 16th century Britain to be...

Rochester Homes Quality Control Clarified

Date: April, 2020
The perfect home has yet to be built. Rochester Homes’ quality control process is constantly evolving and improving. Building a home consists of assembling thousands of parts and pieces using...

Why conditioned crawlspace are preferred?

Date: April, 2020
Rochester Homes delivers its home product across a diverse area throughout the Midwest where the terrain and soil can vary greatly. Homes built by Rochester cannot go on a concrete slab but must be...

Spring Cleaning

Date: March, 2020
With winter now a memory, it is time to think about putting together a spring cleaning/maintenance list. Below are some ideas to get you started:

Top FloorPlans of 2019

Date: February, 2020
So, you’re considering purchasing a brand new modular home. One of the most exciting part of your consideration is examining the various floor plans and figuring out what might be best for you, your...

Essentials of the Modular Home Appraisal Process

Date: February, 2020
Before addressing this topic, it’s best first to understand that the term “modular” refers to the way a home is constructed rather than a type of home. Once a home is assembled and finished, it is...

Things to consider when choosing a floor plan

Date: January, 2020
What is your lifestyle? All families are unique. Gauge your needs according to the amount of people who will be residing in the home and for how long. What is your need for privacy? Do you entertain?...

Rochester Homes Wins Prestigious Awards from NAHB/BSC

Date: January, 2020
Please excuse this for being belated. At Rochester Homes’ it isn’t in our nature to toot our own horn, but we thought we would share this with you. Recently Rochester Homes was awarded two...