How Much Will My Modular Home Cost?

Date: April, 2021
Cost of Modular Homes Modular homes are an excellent option for customers looking to build their dream homes. It is a common misconception that they look boxy and are made cheap. In truth, modular...

Modular Homes Provide both Convenience and Customization

Date: August, 2019
The argument is often made that home buyers who prefer an existing home are those who rank convenience as one of their top priorities. They prefer to be able to move into their home immediately,...

Material Costs and Time Equals Savings

Date: July, 2019
People often have the impression that modular homes are less expensive than site-built homes. While that assumption is correct, the reason is not what you might expect.

How to Budget for a Modular Home

Date: March, 2019
Preparing to purchase a modular home requires the same steps as building a site-built one. To start, do your research, then, as with any major purchase, build your budget. What will be your down...

What's the Price of a Modular Home

Date: December, 2018
The most-frequently asked at Rochester Homes is "What is the price of a modular home". While it’s certainly reasonable to ask, it can be difficult to answer; Rochester Homes only supplies part of the...

Setting a Resolution to Begin Saving for a New Home

Date: December, 2016
Remember Sisyphus, Greek mythology class? The guy who kept rolling the boulder up the hill only to have to start all over again? You may feel like him, trying to save for a new custom built modular...

Get Peace of Mind with High Quality Construction (Without breaking the Bank)

Date: October, 2016
We know when you’re getting a new custom home built, there’s always a question of what your new home will look like…and whether it’ll be a lasting structure. There’s a handful of modular home...

How to Maximize the Amount of Savings When Building a Modular Home

Date: April, 2016
In building a home you will have to make choices and sometimes difficult trade off’s. Be cognizant that you are not making only decisions for the present but for the future. Your challenge is to make...

Saving Money

Date: January, 2016
During the holiday season, everyone is focused on getting the most for their money while tirelessly shopping for the friends and loved ones. If you are shopping for a new home, no matter what time of...

How to Pay for a Rochester Home

Date: July, 2015
You have dreamed of owning your own home, building your first new home, or finally building that vacation home on the lake for years, and you have finally decided to set forth. But, the big question...